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2017 Legislative Session

As the legislative session progresses, we will keep coalition members informed of relevant bills. Check out all the bills we are following on our 2017 Legislative Update page. Here are just a couple of the bills we have provided testimony in support of:

HB 1329 – Provides funding for the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge for 2017 and 2018.

SB 405 – Appropriates funding for the development and maintenance of a web-based data system for the Department of Health’s early intervention section.

For the latest updates on the 2017 Legislature, join the coalition and follow us on social media to make sure you stay up to date.

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Tell us what opportunities you see for state government to work more efficiently and improve services. Ideas will be shared with the state as they work to implement the Transformation Plan.

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The Transformation

The Transformation Plan provides the roadmap for rebuilding the foundation of state government. The State of Hawaii is implementing the Transformation Program focusing on three strategic areas – business process reengineering, infrastructure and governance.

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The Coalition

Transform Hawaii Government is a community coalition that encourages and facilitates public engagement in the State of Hawaii’s Transformation Program.

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Get Involved

You can be involved in the transformation by joining the coalition, engaging with other community members, educating people about the transformation, and advocating for the program.

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