Adobe eSign: What’s an e-Signature Worth?

One more success for this year was the launch of Adobe Sign. The executive branch of state government is drastically improving document-processing time with a new digital tool.

Since the launch of the eSign pilot program, the efficiency of the state’s document processing workflow has increased dramatically. Over 75,000 (as of publishing date) vital documents have been signed digitally, reducing the number of lost documents and time spent on paper-based tasks.

Secure encrypted access from mobile devices allows government workers in the field to bypass the constraints of working in remote locations to keep contracts and other documents moving smoothly between agencies. Adobe Sign allows mobile state employees to review, track, process, and most importantly, sign forms, without being bound by their desktop computers.

State department paper consumption also decreased as a result of digitized signatures. The Office of Enterprise Technology Services, for example, aims to reduce paper consumption by 50 percent by January 2017, thanks to Adobe Sign.

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