Competition to Offer Solutions for State Government Draws Near

Based on the hackathon concept, the government-sponsored Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC) will bring together students, entrepreneurs, and tech-based professionals to team up and compete in presenting solutions for challenges facing state government. The month-long competition gives teams time to develop and present concepts, win awards, and potentially see their innovations implemented by state agencies.


Those interested are encouraged to attend the HACC kickoff event on August 26. At the kickoff, executive department representatives will present operational issues they face, with the goal of finding apps or digital ways to solve them. Teams will then have one month to collaborate and build software solutions.


Participants form teams prior to or at the kickoff event and are encouraged to recruit colleagues and friends to join the competition. When deciding on who to include in your team, consider these tips to help make your hackathon experience a success:


  1. Lean on people you know, regardless of experience level. Since a month of brainstorming, developing, testing, and refining your solution can be exhausting, be sure to form a team with professionals and peers you can count on to contribute. Need to expand your circle? Try recruiting team members through online community boards or groups you participate in.


  1. Look for variety. As with any tech project, a strong team should consist of a variety of experts. Your team mix may include coders, designers, a project manager, a marketing professional, or other disciplines. Try to keep the group sized between four to six members that represent several areas of expertise, including government experience.


  1. Know the details. Be sure to attend the kickoff event to hear the issues, rules, and judging criteria first-hand, decide which challenge you would like to address in your solution, and network with other participants and government officials.


The HACC kickoff event takes place on Saturday, August 26, at the East-West Center, Keoni Auditorium, on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus. The judging and awards event will take place at the same location on September 23. Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. for both events.


Now in its second year, the annual HACC was launched by Gov. David Ige in conjunction with the Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS). Last year, more than 200 community members participated in the HACC, and the top solutions addressed issues as diverse as homelessness and prison visitation.


Solutions generated at the HAAC have the potential to improve government services by expediting data processing and coordination efforts to benefit Hawaii residents. In addition, as a hackathon-inspired event, the HACC benefits the community by providing an opportunity for citizens to participate in collaborative app development, entrepreneurial skill building, and tech community progress.


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