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OIMT Baseline Assessment

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Hawaii remains decades behind other states in its information technology (IT) and business process capabilities. According to a 2011 baseline assessment, many of the state’s departments and agencies must rely on antiquated IT infrastructure and inefficient paper-based processes that create barriers to data integration and information sharing.






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In 2011, the State of Hawaii Business and Information Technology/Information Resource Management Transformation Plan was unveiled providing a proposed long-term vision for State transformation initiatives. However, due to limited resources and funds, that proposed plan was not formally adopted nor fully implemented, and technology has continued to evolve over the past six years requiring reevaluation of strategic objectives.

HCR 94 Calls for Update to State IT Strategic Plan

Recognizing that the commitment of government leadership to strategic business and IT transformation over the long term is essential to successfully harnessing the power of technology, members of the 2018 Legislature passed HCR 94 to request the development of a state IT strategic plan to include data goals and objectives. The responsibility for developing the plan was assigned to the IT Steering Committee, which has formed a Permitted Interaction Group to begin work on the plan.

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