Hawaii State Capitol Building in Honolulu, Hawaii


Hawaii is 20-30 years behind other states in its business process and information technology (IT) capabilities. According to a baseline assessment released in September 2011 and used to prepare the Transformation Plan, the State of Hawaii currently relies primarily on an antiquated IT infrastructure and inefficient business processes that rely heavily on paper-based systems and create barriers to information sharing and integration.



State of Hawaii by the numbers

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The portion of the state budget attributed to IT is a mere 1.4 percent. By increasing that investment to 2.5 percent during the next 10 years, the State of Hawaii can dramatically transform its IT systems to better serve residents. To put that number in perspective, industry best practice calls for spending 3 to 5 percent of the state’s annual budget on IT and the federal government budgets an average of 10 percent for IT.

As government has grown to serve the needs of Hawaii, many complicated processes have been developed. One of the goals of the Transformation Program is to improve services provided to the community by streamlining business processes.

The Business and Information Technology (IT)/Information Resource Management (IRM) Transformation Plan provides the roadmap for rebuilding the foundation of state government to achieve:

  • Open, transparent, and accountable government
  • Resource planning and sharing among departments
  • Access to timely, reliable, and usable data

Now that you know why we need to transform the State of Hawaii, learn about The Plan to make it happen.

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