Hawaii commits to make cybersecurity a priority

State Capitol

Governor David Y. Ige is among 38 governors who recently signed a compact to bolster cybersecurity initiatives for their states during the National Governors Association’s (NGA) annual Summer Meeting.

The “Compact to Improve State Cybersecurity” is part of NGA’s cumulative effort called Meet the Threat, an initiative designed to make digital information security a high-level priority among states nationwide.

While rooted in technology, cybersecurity is a critical issue that transcends the boundaries of state IT departments. Hacked information in unlawful hands has the potential to compromise public safety, health and the livelihoods of residents.

Key recommendations from this agreement are expected to establish a framework that will arm states with adequate defenses in the event of a cyberattack. Core foundations covered in the compact include:

  • Creating a cybersecurity governance structure and strategy.
  • Preparing and defending the state from cybersecurity events with an emphasis on a whole-of-state approach as opposed to a departmental issue.
  • Growing the nation’s cybersecurity workforce through partnerships with educational institution.

Read the full compact here: Meet the Threat: A Compact to Improve State Cybersecurity

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