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2014 Legislative Priorities

The 2013 legislative session was an overwhelming success, thanks to support from members of Transform Hawaii Government. The Office of Information Management and Technology secured funding for a large portion of its projects for FY 2013-14 and FY 2014-15.

While much of the funding for the biennium was secured last year, the 2014 legislative session that started on Wednesday will still include some legislation related to the state transformation. Most of the legislation introduced on behalf of OIMT will be administrative in nature and deal with organizational and governing policies.

Transform Hawaii Government will continue to provide updates as the 2014 Legislature moves ahead. Check our website, follow us on social media and read this monthly newsletter for the latest.

Coalition Briefs Valley Isle Leaders
on the Transformation Movement

Equal Access to State Services Key Theme of Discussion

Members of Transform Hawaii Government traveled to Maui last month to meet with Mayor Alan Arakawa and members of his cabinet, including Sandy Baz, budget director, Jacob Verkerke, chief technology officer and Kimberly Haueisen, representative of the Office of Economic Development. Also in attendance were community leaders Jeanne Skog, president and CEO of the Maui Economic Development Board, and Terryl Vencl, executive director of the Maui Visitors Bureau.

Coalition members shared updates on the transformation movement and discussed how Maui stakeholders can play a key role through advocacy and input on ideas for improved state processes.

Not surprisingly, equal access to state services was a common theme in evaluating current challenges in government. Maui leaders expressed interest in participating in the effort and were urged to engage the community to solicit ideas in which we can support better government for Every Citizen, through Every Service, on Every Island.

Similar meetings are planned for Kauai and Hawaii Island.

New Services at Hawaii’s Public Libraries

Citizens Can Now Borrow More Than Books

The Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS) is bridging the digital divide and enhancing learning with four new services, including a netbook loan program that allows anyone to access state services online. Exciting services will allow library patrons to download eMagazines, learn about the Hawaiian language and browse the HSPLS catalog online. All services are free and require only a valid HSPLS library card.

HSPLS Mobile Netbook Loan Program
Thanks to a grant from the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), library patrons can now borrow a fully functional netbook for up to three weeks at one of 37 public libraries statewide. The netbook computers are loaded with basic software such as Microsoft Office 2010 programs and can connect to the free wireless Internet access available at public libraries statewide.

Zinio for Libraries
Zinio, the world’s largest newsstand for eMagazines, is now available through the HSPLS website. With more than 120 complete full-color digital magazines available at any time, patrons no longer have to worry about waiting for or returning their favorite magazine.

E-Learning @ Your Library
As part of an effort to diversify its service offering, the HSPLS is now offering “E-Learning @ Your Library,” a handful of web-based programs to help users learn a new skill or develop their expertise in a wide range of subjects.

  • Mango Languages offers lessons in Hawaiian language through a unique online learning environment. Among other features, Mango offers an opportunity to record pronunciation and compare it directly to audio from a native speaker.
  • Microsoft IT Academy (HI Tech) helps prepare library patrons for exciting careers in technology and related fields through self-paced digital literacy and technology training courses.
  • Learn4Life also helps to empower users to advance in their careers, lead more fulfilling lives and support their interest for continued learning. HSPLS patrons can access free instructor-led, online courses in a variety of subjects, ranging from personal finance to digital photography and more.

“Hawaii Mobile,” the New HSPLS App
In partnership with HSPLS, Chilifresh has created a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that seamlessly integrates with the library system’s catalog. The convenient app allows users to:

  • Browse the HSPLS catalog
  • Scan a barcode from a book, DVD or CD to check availability in HSPLS’ catalog
  • View checked out/reserved/hold items
  • Renew items
  • Check account information such as items borrowed, due dates, fines and more

OIMT Delivers 2013 Report to Legislature

The Office of Information Management and Technology recently provided its annual update on the information technology strategic plan to the legislature. The twelve-page report offered a concise overview of OIMT’s progress in addressing the state’s primary challenges, prioritized its opportunities and detailed its major milestones and deliverables for FY 2013.

The following are some key takeaways from the 2013 Report. Read the entire report here.

The State CIO has created three guiding strategies to transform IT for the state and deliver increased IT value to all branches of the government, the citizens of Hawaii and third-party partners such as local businesses.

State CIO Summarizes Progress to Date on Transformation Movement

The following summary is taken verbatim from Sonny’s new blog on the OIMT website.
  • Phase 1 Complete (FY 2012) The transformation of Hawaii began in July 2011 with a grand powerful vision by our Governor with HCF support of $3 million and hiring of 7 Staff (including a CIO). Our first-ever Baseline Assessment, Benchmarking Reports were published in 2011, completing Phase 1.
  • Phase 2 Complete (FY 2013) A comprehensive Business and IT/IRM Transformation Plan was published in 2012 completing Phase 2 within one year. This plan laid out the goal architecture and bridged the gap with a detailed implementation plan and won a national award and was the only state recognized in 2013! Three Strategies were articulated: Transform the Business; Modernize the Technology; and Improve Transparency and Accountability (Governance). These would be implemented through Top 10 Enterprise Programs. We secured $25 million in Supplemental funding for Phase 2, $95 million in funding for Phase 3 & base operations funds for ICSD.
  • Phase 3A On Schedule (FY 2014) We are in Phase 3A (or the first of five Implementation biennial Phases) with Top 10 Enterprise Programs across the three strategies. We are ahead of schedule in our accomplishments in all three strategies and Top 10 programs. More details to follow by the end of this Fiscal Year on our website – http://oimt.hawaii.gov. Phase 3B starts in FY 2015!

Areas Where the Transformation Effort Fell Short in 2013

While the State of Hawaii’s business and information technology transformation is making progress, the coalition has identified three areas in which state government and OIMT fell short in 2013:

  • Staffing of Key Positions – Due to budget cuts, salary restrictions and a temporary hiring freeze, numerous key positions were either reduced or under-funded last year; and, some administrative positions, while budgeted, remain vacant. For example, the Administrative Services Officer (ASO) position was approved on July 1, 2013, but has yet to be filled, delaying the hiring of the office’s support team.Implementation of the myriad programs associated with the state transformation effort has understandably consumed much of OIMT’s time and effort. However, given the state’s ongoing challenges of funding and staff reductions, filling allocated positions requires a greater sense of urgency as every open position, both technical and administrative, is crucial to the success of future projects.
  • Publishing Public Dashboard – A publicly accessible dashboard that provides the latest status of specific transformation projects will enable increased transparency and accountability. The goal to publish an online dashboard in 2013 is delayed, affecting the public’s ability to track progress made by OIMT and others within the state.A dashboard representing Governor Abercrombie’s “A New Day in Hawaii” plan is being developed with a component dedicated to OIMT and the transformation. While an internal version of the dashboard has circulated, no further updates, including a launch date, have been released.
  • Timely Issuing of Requests for Proposals – The state has done extensive work preparing and developing requirements for requests for proposals (RFPs) on various transformation projects. The work on these RFPs, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Tax System Modernization RFPs, while thorough and extensive, met delays as state agencies worked to integrate their views and feedback into each document.The ERP RFP was released in September and responses are currently being evaluated. The Tax System Modernization RFP is expected to be released this year.The RFP development, review and approval process can be less cumbersome.  OIMT has strived to improve the process by developing common templates with pre-approved RFP terms and conditions, securing additional support for RFP development, and supporting the use of technology to streamline the process.  OIMT continues to work with the new Chief Procurement Officer to explore improvements to the process.

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