State IT Roadmap Promotes Governance and Budget Transparency

IT Roadmap

The state recently unveiled its IT Roadmap online dashboard. Image Courtesy of the Office of Enterprise Technology Services

One of the most significant milestones of 2017 in the areas of state IT governance and budget transparency was the unveiling of the statewide IT Roadmap. Located on the Office of Enterprise Technology Services’ (ETS) website (, the online resource was developed through extensive coordination with various departments and agencies within the state executive branch with the goal of creating a more accessible, cohesive and transparent dashboard for state and public use.

The statewide IT Roadmap was developed in accordance with section 27-43, Hawaii Revised Statutes, which requires state departments to create and maintain multi-year IT strategic plans and roadmaps. It serves as part of ongoing efforts by ETS’ IT Governance team to improve the state’s IT governance processes.

ETS anticipates that the implementation of the IT Roadmap will serve as a valuable tool for the overall long-term development, financial planning and execution of all significant IT activities within the executive branch. In addition, it will facilitate efforts to deploy appropriate resources efficiently in support of current large enterprise projects, such as the tax system and payroll modernization initiatives. For the public, the roadmap serves as a valuable tool for monitoring state projects, ongoing developments, budgets and schedules.

To learn more about and track current state IT projects, explore the IT Roadmap online dashboard at under the Department Dashboard section.

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