Three Ways to Keep the Transformation Moving Forward

As you know, the state Legislature has a critical role to play in transforming our state government into one that is more accessible, transparent, and user friendly. With the 2017 legislative session getting under way, the Transform Hawaii Government (THG) coalition is hoping to seize this opportunity to affect positive transformation in state government.

Transformation can take many forms, from improvements to the state’s IT infrastructure, to more robust cybersecurity, as well as improving access to services, speeding up transactions when residents do business with the state, and making state government more transparent by providing easy access to departmental data.

Three Ways to Show Your Support
As a member of the coalition, you will be receiving alerts on bills the coalition supports. And when you’re notified, here are three impactful ways you can lend your support to these bills and the mission of transforming Hawaii’s government:

1. Let your representative and senator know you want change

When there’s a bill being heard in a committee that would help transform our government, you can urge your legislator to support it with a phone call, traditional mail, or email. Find out how to contact your legislator here.

2. Submit testimony supporting Transformation legislation

Providing testimony in person or electronically is highly effective. The state Capitol website contains all the information needed to make your voice heard. In addition to providing directions on testifying, the legislative site,, is an excellent tool, with access to bill tracking, webcasts of hearings, hearing notices and the legislative calendar. To submit testimony online and receive automatic updates on legislation, register here.

Not familiar with the organization of the Legislature and how the legislative process works? Check out this informative article from Honolulu Civil Beat.

3. Share your ideas and suggestions

When you notice ways state government could work more effectively with you, your organization, or those you have a connection with, let us know. THG wants to promote good ideas and get them before our legislators, the departments and agencies, and community. Share your ideas here.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the most recent news, transformation progress, and learn how other states are successfully transforming their governments. We look forward to your participation in the upcoming session, any way you can.



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  1. Bryan Wong

    One way to make our government is to crackdown on sickleave. Many workers take advantage of sick calls and nothing happens. There are no reprocussions or punishments for misusing sick days.

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