New Gains for Government Modernization

May 5, 2022 | Transform Hawaii Government

By Christine Sakuda

Hawaii’s legislative session wrapped up on Thursday, May 5, on a high note. The House and Senate agreed to send two bills important to advancing the state’s technology transformation goals supported by Transform Hawaii Government to Gov. David Ige to sign into law. Our testimony and educational outreach efforts proved to be fruitful.

SB 3284 SD2 HD2 CD1
Relating to Information Technology Services
THG supported establishing a working group that will develop a plan to consolidate the state’s technology resources under the Office of Enterprise Technology Services. Consolidation promotes economies of scale and will help the state realize the benefits of more efficient and secure use of technology and information management.

The bill proposes consolidating the vast majority of the state’s IT resources and capabilities — excluding the Department of Education, Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and the University of Hawaii. The working group will also promote collaboration within state government and help to break down silos that hinder coordination between agencies. The plan is expected to take a phased approach that is implemented over a five-year period. The working group must present their report to the legislature before the start of the 2023 legislative session.

HB 1885 HD1 SD1 CD1
Relating to Government Data
THG supports establishing a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and a data task force for the State of Hawai‘i. In support of establishing the position, THG explained to legislators many of the current challenges with managing the state’s data, which include privacy concerns. THG also helped articulate the rationale for having a CDO which is to develop systems and policies statewide and enterprise-wide. Different approaches taken by states’ CDOs (e.g. strategic vs. operational) were outlined by THG along with recommendations for Hawai‘i. To read the position paper, click here.

HB 160 HD1 SD2 CD1
Relating to the State Budget
The legislature finalized the state budget with $8.7 billion in operating funds, a record amount, and more than $400 million than the Governor’s executive budget request presented in January. Details about funding the newly planned Chief Data Officer position and capital improvement project expenditures will be available on the state legislative website at