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Hawai‘i must sustain its technology momentum

“By taking quick action to appoint a new state chief information officer (CIO), Gov. David Ige demonstrated a strong appreciation for having capable leadership in place to continue momentum set by previous CIOs ..."

Mar 4, 2019

Data, strategic planning bills critical to transforming state government

THG is strongly supporting four priority bills this legislative session to usher forward progress in the areas of managing government data and long-term strategic planning: SB 1001, HB 532, SB 219, and HB 531.

Feb 25, 2019

THG launches new website

In 2011, the THG community coalition network of citizens helped launch a major initiative to transform the way Hawaii leverages technology. Eight years later, it was time to overhaul the THG website to add greater functionality and resources to our coalition members.

Feb 19, 2019

Is digital government about transformation, optimization or both?

THG recently hosted a robust discussion around the difference between digital government optimization and transformation.

Feb 14, 2019

Governor requests funds for modernization

In submitting Gov. David Ige’s budget request for fiscal biennium (FB) 2019-2021 to the Legislature, tens of millions of dollars are also being proposed for investments in modernization within nearly every department.

Jan 24, 2019