Digital Talk Stories Episode 2 with State Comptroller Curt Otaguro

Oct 16, 2020

By Transform Hawaii Government

We are excited to share with you the second episode of our Digital Talk Stories series featuring State Comptroller Curt Otaguro.

Transform Hawaii Government (THG) Executive Director Christine Sakuda had a chance to sit down with Otaguro recently for an insightful discussion on the state's current modernization progress on its Financial Management Systems and the Uniform Chart of Accounts. These are two key areas that have been identified, which will create efficiencies between multiple departments when it comes to managing the state budget and tracking expenditures.

As the Comptroller, Otaguro is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating various activities in the Department of Accounting and General Services. This includes recommending departmental policies and organizational methods to the Governor.

Watch Episode 2 of the Digital Talk Stories here.