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In 2018, One Shared Future was created to invest in the professional development of public sector professionals who are working to make a positive impact on Hawaii’s communities.

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Transform Hawaii Government (THG) was proud to support a bright spot in the endeavor of IT workforce development called One Shared Future, which envisions a community where all children, families and individuals are supported to reach their fullest potential, thereby enabling all of us to thrive. The program invests directly in the professional development of public-sector professionals working to make a positive impact on Hawaii’s communities.

Expanding professional development opportunities for public sector professionals is key to positive transformations. THG supported two spring cohorts in March 2018 with a mission of achieving this. One cohort was comprised of professionals and human resources officers from five State of Hawaii departments: the Department of Agriculture; Department of the Attorney General; Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism; Department of Budget and Finance; and Department of Human Services. The other cohort included professionals from the State of Hawaii’s Department of Human Services and Department of Health.

Both cohorts culminated the experience with Springboard to Action presentations in which participants shared projects they developed in the program that often addressed seemingly intractable issues in real time. Two Springboard projects were implemented before the cohort’s commencement. Development of the other projects are continuing through cross-agency collaborations.

The COVID-19 pandemic stretched the capacity of the state workforce to meet the exponential needs of the community. Recognizing this, THG supported a Thriving in Change and Challenge series for the State of Hawaii’s Department of Accounting and General Services and Office of Enterprise Technology Services to help their workforces thrive in service during the pandemic.


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A Honolulu Civil Beat article written by Christine Sakuda is published highlighting the impact of One Shared Future.



One Shared Future pilot program launches.

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