The coalition includes members from all corners of the state who are working together to make sure the benefits of the transformation are fully realized. Not all of Transform Hawaii Government’s supporters agree on every issue; there will be times when specific projects or initiatives proposed by the state are backed by some and opposed by others. However, we are united in our belief that there are opportunities for everyone to support better state government.

The Hawaii Community Foundation generously provided logistical support for the coalition in its formative years. The coalition has now been established as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Board of Directors

  • Robert Harrison
  • Micah Kane
  • Michael Mohr
  • Randy Perreira


Leadership Committee

  • Joy Barua
  • Ryan Field
  • Sudesh Kumar
  • Burt Lum
  • Lisa Maruyama
  • Michael Robinson
  • Lisa Wong

Pictured (L to R): Joy Barua, Lisa Maruyama, Sudesh Kumar, Lisa Wong, Ryan Field, & Burt Lum




THG Coalition Meeting 2016

The following list of members grows as more people in the community learn about the transformation initiative and join our effort to support it. Some members have chosen not to be listed on our website but are actively involved in the coalition. Click here to join Transform Hawaii Government.

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