Government Modernization Requires An Amazon Prime Mindset

Aug 10, 2023

By Christine Sakuda

Transform Hawaii Government conducted a first-ever comprehensive scan of government modernization last fall, interviewing nearly 100 state leaders from 20 different agencies who are on the frontlines of modernization projects. Based on the study, Transform Hawaii Government recently released a report that assessed the progress of modernization of the business services of our state government. Our Executive Director, Christine Sakuda shares her thoughts on the state of government modernization in Hawaii and the perspective at which transformation should be viewed in her recent Honolulu Civil Beat op-ed, Government modernization requires an Amazon Prime mindset:

Technology can do amazing things. Cars can parallel park themselves. We can order everything online, from groceries to running shoes to computer games, and they are delivered to our front door within days. We meet face-to-face over our computers multiple times a day, a feat once reserved only for science fiction. 

The list goes on. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, our expectations as consumers also increase.

Those expectations don’t stop with government services. We demand the same degree of efficiency, speed, and convenience from state government to make our lives easier.

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