State of Hawaii IT Strategic Plan

In 2018, the State of Hawaii IT Steering Committee, in conjunction with a public-private work group, began updating the state’s IT Strategic Plan.

Where we are now

The Dec. 28 deadline for submission of the State of Hawaii IT Strategic Plan to the Legislature has come and gone. Legislators passed HCR 94 to request an updated plan to document progress thus far and chart the course over several years to improve the delivery of information and services to citizens, businesses and all those who work with and rely on our state government.

Such a plan had the potential to provide legislative recommendations to consider going into the 2019 session, including those relating to the management, sharing and use of data in ways that empower leaders, employees, businesses and citizens. While it is unfortunate the plan was not completed nor submitted, a little late is better than never.

It is encouraging members of the IT Steering Committee are interested in continuing its development and that new State of Hawaii Chief Information Officer Douglas Murdock contributed to the plan’s working group prior to being appointed CIO. THG will follow this issue and keep its coalition updated on progress of the plan and ways members can support its progress and implementation.

A modern IT system would significantly improve how the state manages its $14.4 billion annual budget, creating benefits for everyone.

Christine Sakuda

Christine Sakuda,
Executive Director, Transform Hawaii Government